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Electrical drive No doubt, the future of traffic means electrical drives for vehicles featuring: zero emision, noiseless and highly efficient operation, supplied by sustainable resources.
Power supply Charging car batteries from the power grid is the preferred technology for electrical vehicles, requiring a grid of charging stations in private and public areas.
Plugs? Cables? Today's solutions with plugs, cables und sockets on posts or walls are less convenient, likely to cause accidents, vulnerable to vandalism, and expensive. Contactless solutions have not yet come beyond the experimental stage.
Inexpensive, comprehensive The automatic electrical connection for vehicles eliminates all these disadvantages. An innovative approach with established technology facilitates the introduction of an inexpensive and comprehensive infrastructure of charging points.
Convenient, automatic The vehicle is connected to the power grid without a single fingertip. This is accomplished by a freely movable telescopic arm at the vehicle's bottom, which detects and hooks up to the charging spot on the street surface, provides the electrical connection. The vehicle is identified, the load/supply strategy is determined, and the charging process is started.
Always online Vehicles, which are always connected to the grid when parked, may not only be charged with inexpensive electrical energy, but can also be used as an energy storage for surplus electricity during peak load by energy providers. This integration of car batteries into the power grid provides reduced transportation costs for car drivers.

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